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A Testament to Scott Tarwater's Legacy of Giving

Tarwater Legacy Giving Fund is a heartfelt tribute to the late Scott Tarwater, a local businessman and beloved community member known for his unwavering dedication to helping those in need. Established by his family and close friends, this non-profit organization seeks to carry on Scott's legacy of generosity and compassion.

In the wake of Scott's passing, his devoted wife, Donna Tarwater, found solace and strength by transforming her grief into resolute action. Motivated by the desire to keep Scott's memory alive, Donna, along with her daughter Renee and son Reece, founded the Tarwater Legacy Giving Fund. This organization serves as a living testament to Scott's boundless spirit and his commitment to lifting up those who need support the most.

Tarwater Legacy Giving Fund focuses on providing financial assistance to various local charities that align with Scott's values and vision for a better community. By identifying and supporting organizations that share his dedication to improving the lives of the less fortunate, the Tarwater family ensures that Scott's legacy continues to make a tangible impact.

The fund's mission is not only to provide monetary support but also to inspire others to give back and make a difference in their own communities. The Tarwater family's unwavering commitment to their father's vision has touched countless lives and has demonstrated the power of turning personal loss into collective good.

For those interested in joining the Tarwater family's mission, there are multiple ways to get involved. 

Donations, volunteering, and participating in events like the annual "Hit It Like You Live" Pickleball Tournament are all opportunities to support the Tarwater Legacy Giving Fund and keep Scott's spirit of generosity alive.

Together, we can honor Scott Tarwater's memory and continue his legacy of giving and lifting up those in need.

Empowering our community through acts of giving creates a ripple effect of kindness, uniting us all in the shared pursuit of a brighter, more compassionate tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Preserving Scott Tarwater’s legacy by investing in the community; bringing people together through giving, sportsmanship, laughter & love.  

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